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Employment Opportunities - Seattle

Before you continue in your quest for employment through Sober Champion, there are a few things you should know about us...

This work is not "paid sponsorship", nor is it paid 12-Step service.

We offer our clients a discreet, individualized, professional companionship & treatment plan to help them remain free from mood-and mind-altering substances and self-destructive behaviors (such as gambling or self-injury).

If you are a degreed therapist or counselor with a current certification, we may offer to include such services to our clients.

Sober Champion's minimum requirements are as follows:

  1. An active program of personal recovery from alcoholism, addiction, or other obsessive, compulsive, self-destructive behavior;
  2. At least five years of complete abstinence from your addiction or self-destructive behavior; If you are a member of a 12-Step fellowship, this includes an ongoing relationship with your sponsor;
  3. A current driver's license;
  4. A current passport;
  5. A cell phone, an email address, hi-speed internet access, a printer, and a land-line;
  6. A verifiable address in England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales (no P.O. Boxes);
  7. Some form of education and/or experience in the field of addiction treatment; A blood test, urinalysis, and/or hair follicle examination for the presence of drugs and/or alcohol, performed by a credible, professional lab in your area (we will help you locate such a resource).
  8. References from people in the field of addiction treatment and personal references from individuals who can vouch for your character.

If you are qualified for this work, please assemble the following documents:

  • Your most recent resume. Please include as much work history as you like. Don't bother explaining gaps in employment - we get it - we had gaps, too.

  • A description of your drug/alcohol/other history, including what happened to make you seek help, and what your life is like now.

  • Your understanding of the 8th and 12th Traditions of your 12-Step fellowship.

    Copy & paste, please. No attachments.

When you have these items assembled...
click here to submit them.

If this sounds like a lot of busy work, please understand that it is for our protection as well as yours. If you do start working as a Sober Escort, Sober Coach or Sober Companion, you must draw a very strong line between service work in recovery and professional work in treatment.

With your submission, please include a general description of the treatment resources available in your area. You will need to be able to refer to and rely on local caring professionals from time to time, and it's a great idea to meet and develop relationships with them.

We appreciate your interest and wish you the best!