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Sober Companion & Sober Coach Services Seattle

Seattle Sober Champion provides qualified, caring professionals who bring treatment home. Whether you struggle with alcohol, drugs, or gambling, we have dedicated staff right here at home, ready to serve you.

When you demand the finest in post-treatment services, or when you decide that another trip to rehab just isn't going to have the desired effect, it's time to reach for something new. From basic services such as transportation to more involved, personalized care, Sober Champion is the clear choice for private, upscale people in Seattleg and the surrounding area.

Our team members are discreet professionals. While we do have some "celebrity" clients, the vast majority of those we serve prefer to remain anonymous.

If you want to keep your picture out of the paper, let us guide you in your journey, one day at a time, toward a successful recovery.

A Sober Companion may be the missing piece you need to stay away from drugs and alcohol.  

A Sober Coach can provide intense sessions, as often as you need, to explore issues relating to your successful recovery from substance abuse.

A Sober Escort gets you where you need to go: treatment, home, work, or on holiday - don't zig when you should zag!