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What Is A Seattle Sober Coach?

Your Seattle Sober Coach carries multiople years of his or her own recovery , education, and Sober Champion training specifically designed to assist you as you build the bridge between your willingness to engage and the realities of all the help available, rigth here in Seattle.

Your coach will explore any possible route toward your continued abstinence. We have been doing this a long time and we've seen just about every scenario you can imagine: some clients are riddled with paralyzing guilt & fear, along with multiple co-occurring physical and mental disorders, toxic family or work situations; some clients simple need a little help pressing the RESET button to re-enter a specific 12-Step program.

There is not "one right way" to coach every client. Each client is required to partner with his/her provider; we work WITH you, not over you. When our client agrees to participate in his/her recovery from addiction and relies upon Sober Champion as a team of caring professionals, great things happen.

This is not babysitting. If you want to hire someone to hold your loved one's hand so he doesn't shoot dope, just call us and we can refer you to a local provider who will do that for far less money than we charge. Our job is to bridge the gap between indigenous recovering communities and residential treatment facilities. With a Sober Coach, the client feels accountability the indigenous recovering community cannot be expected to provide.

Sober Coaches often serve those resistant to remaining abstinent from drugs and/or alcohol, but who must do so due to legal, medical, family or contractual obligations; often, these cases can turn around...often, we just don't like doing that work and we don't want to do that work.

In concert with other therapeutic professionals, your Sober Coach determines your needs, helps you define boundaries, and explores how community, family, and business supports can best be utilized to maintain ongoing recovery. 

The Sober Coach understands the relationships between these various barriers to the your recovery.

An important part of our job is to match the client with the best resource for their individual barriers and needs. We provide accountability for the client to follow through with all areas of the plan of action.

Adolescents in early recovery benefit greatly from having a professional relationship outside the 12-Step rooms - especially when that someone is an Seattle Sober Coach who has been there before. Individual goals are set weekly with each person to fit his/her personal strengths and challenges. An empowerment approach is used to build self-esteem and confidence.

After initial assessment by Case Management, we plan service delivery around your needs. Frequency & duration of sessions are evaluated monthly and/or bi-monthly. Meeting locations will vary depending on where you are in your recovery, and what you are currently working on. Your Seattle Sober Coach can be on-call 24 hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week. This service alone can help prevent relapses and supports individuals with crises that come up in between sessions.